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A Couple of Cuckoos Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download (Crunchyroll) Episode 4 Added !

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A Couple of Cuckoos Hindi Dubbed


A Couple of Cuckoos (Japanese: カッコウの許嫁, HepburnKakkou no Iinazuke, “Cuckoo’s Fiancé(e)”) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Miki Yoshikawa. It was originally published as a one-shot in September 2019, before beginning serialization in Kodansha‘s Weekly Shōnen Magazine in January 2020. An anime television series adaptation by Shin-Ei Animation and SynergySP aired from April to October 2022 on TV Asahi‘s NUMAnimation block.


  • Title : Kakkou no Iinazuke (A Couple of Cuckoos)
  • IMDb : 6.8/10.0
  • Season : 01
  • Episodes : 24
  • Aired : 2022
  • Duration : 24 Mints Per Ep.
  • Genres : Animation | Comedy | Romance | Harem
  • Language : Hindi – English – Japanese
  • Network : Crunchyroll
  • Join Us : CoolToonsIndia


Nagi Umino and Erika Amano, a studious high school student and a social media star, had nothing that linked them together—until they found out they were swapped at birth. When the sudden news is revealed to both of their families, their parents quickly devise a proposition with neither Nagi’s nor Erika’s knowledge: in order to restore them both to their rightful families and ensure everyone’s happiness, the two should get engaged.

When informed of this, Nagi and Erika are quick to reject the absurd plan, refusing to go along with their parents’ wishes. But, with neither party willing to back down, only time can tell where their relationship will go.

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A Couple of Cuckoos Hindi Dubbed Episodes List :

Season 1

Episode 01-04

[ Download Here ]

The Characters of A Couple of Cuckoos:

(01) Nagi Umino:

A second-year student at Megurogawa Academy, who is ranked second in his grade. He is the biological son of a hotel tycoon, but due to a mix-up after his birth is raised by a different family. He has a crush on his classmate Hiro Segawa and aims to confess to her once he beats her in the school rankings. Following a challenge which he won, he starts dating Hiro. However, he starts to develop feelings toward Erika after realizing he hurt her because he choose Hiro.

(02) Erika Amano:

A popular Instagram celebrity who is the biological daughter of the family that raised Nagi. She first meets him while taking videos at a park, and makes him pretend to be her boyfriend to escape from an arranged marriage, unaware that her parents arranged her to be engaged to Nagi and for them to live together in a single house. After her school discovers the pictures she took with him, she is forced to transfer to Nagi’s school. She decided to start an Instagram account in order to reach someone she had been looking for. Erika later realizes she really is in love with Nagi, as she is hurt when he chose Hiro instead of her.

(03) Sachi Umino:

Nagi’s adoptive sister and Erika’s biological sister. She is scared that Nagi will leave her, and later she runs away from home and moves to the house where Nagi and Erika are staying. Later on in the series, she decides to aim for enrolling in Nagi and Erika’s school after graduating from junior high school. She also has feelings for Nagi, which grew after she learned they are not blood-related.

(04) Hiro Segawa:

Nagi’s classmate who is ranked first in her grade. She lives in a temple and also works as a miko. She later becomes friends with Erika. It is later revealed that she is also engaged to someone else. Later on, it is suggested that she has developed feelings for Nagi although she wants Nagi to get together with Erika. She sometimes shows yandere tendencies towards Nagi.

(05) Ai Mochizuki:

Nagi’s childhood friend, who moved to China when she was a child due to her father’s work, and returns to Japan for Nagi. She is also a popular online singer. She has loved Nagi since childhood, to the point of decorating her room with pictures of him.

[Source: WikiPedia]


will a couple of cuckoos continue?

Even though A Couple of Cuckoos has 113 chapters as of the time of this writing, it is not yet finished. There hasn’t been a clear indication that the manga’s plot or conclusion are coming to a close, therefore it also doesn’t appear that it will end anytime soon.

where can i watch a couple of cuckoos hindi dubbed?

Watch A Couple of Cuckoos Hindi Dubbed | Crunchyroll

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