About Us

“About The Author”

Hello Friends, Welcome to my website CoolToonsIndia . My Name is Eric, I am 18 years old. I dropped out this year and started to fully concentrate on my website.

I am interested in Cartoon, Animation and Anime Series-Movies very much that I have taken this so far to my own website from a WordPress.
Being a YouTuber, Blogger and a Traveller is my hobby and I am continuing this passion since last 4 years.

“About The Website”

How I Started My Website ??
Since the Passion of 4 years comes into real existence when my friend tell me about the Google Blog and I created it 2 years ago and I thought to share the famous Anime Series, Cartoon and Animation.

What makes our Website Special ??
Audience demands the various types of Cartoons but they faces too many problems in watching or downloading the Series episodes because of the Shortlinks [Shortlinks are those links which provide you episodes after many websites clicks] they have link on their Episodes. This creates too much mess up for the audience but our site is not one of them. We provide episodes for “Watching or Downloading in Just One Click”.

Benefits Our Audience Get

We Provide the Episodes in Hindi Dubbed only.
We Provide the Episodes in HD in 720P, 1080P.
We Offer no Shortlinks to create mess.
We Provide Latest Episodes and Series.
We work according to our Audience.


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