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Danmachi S02 Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download

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Danmachi S02 Anime Series Dubbed in Hindi

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Series Info :

Title : Danmachi: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
Rating : 7.6/10.0
Season : 02
Episodes : 13 (List of Episodes)
Aired : 2019
Duration : 24 Mints Per Ep.
Genres : Animation Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance
Language : Hindi Fan Dubbed
Credit : ToonMixIndia
Join Us : CoolToonsIndia

Story Line :

t is business as usual in the massive city of Orario, where legions of adventurers gather to explore the monster-infested “Dungeon.” Among them is the easily flustered yet brave Bell Cranel, the sole member of the Hestia Familia. With the help of his demi-human supporter Liliruca Arde and competent blacksmith Welf Crozzo, Bell has earned the title of Little Rookie by becoming Orario’s fastest-growing adventurer thanks to his endeavors within the deeper levels of the Dungeon.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka II continues Bell’s adventures as he tries to bring glory to his goddess and protect those he cares about. However, various familias and gods across the city begin to take notice of his achievements and attempt to add him to their ranks.

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Danmachi Season 2 Hindi Dub Episodes By CoolToonsIndia

(Danmachi : Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Season 2) is a 2019 Japanese Anime Series , Available Now in Hindi on CoolToonsIndia

Danmachi S02 Hindi Dub Episodes List

Season 02

Episode 01 – Banquet of the Gods (Party)

HD – FilePress | Filemoon | Mirror | StremHide

Episode 02 – Sun God (Apollo)

HD – FilePress | Filemoon | Mirror | StremHide

Episode 03 – Gathering (Conversion)

HD – FilePress | Filemoon | Mirror | StremHide

Episode 04 – War Game (War Game)

HD – FilePress | Filemoon | Mirror | StremHide

Episode 05 – The Hearthfire Mansion (Home)

HD – FilePress | Filemoon | Mirror | StremHide

Episode 06 – City of Lust (Ishtar Familia)

HD – FilePress | Filemoon | Mirror | StremHide

Episode 07 – Fox Person (Renard)

HD – FilePress | Filemoon | Mirror | StremHide

Episode 08 – Killing Stone (Ephemeral Dreams)

HD – FilePress | Filemoon | Mirror | StremHide

Episode 09 – War Prostitutes (Berbera)

HD – FilePress | Filemoon | Mirror | StremHide

Episode 10 – Longing to Be a Hero (Argonaut)

HD – FilePress | Filemoon | Mirror | StremHide

Episode 11 – Army’s Advance (Rakia)

HD – FilePress | Filemoon | Mirror | StremHide

Episode 12 – Goddess and Child (Song of Love)

HD – FilePress | Filemoon | Mirror | StremHide

Episode OVA02 – Is It Wrong to go Searching for Herbs on a Deserted Island?

Hindi SubServer | Mirror | Mega

Download Season 01

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Index.Of.Danmachi.S02 (Hindi Dubbed)

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Review of Danmachi Anime Series :

do you like fantasy? fighting monsters? mythology? a little gaming mechanism (actually there are none)? Then this one is my recommendation.
The only thing people think that this anime has game mechanism is about the level concept, while in my opinion level concept is exist in real world such as having work skills license. So it’s not really a game mechanism.

Story: 9/10
I always love this anime. A heroic tale with many conflict, building up power to be stronger, a naive mindset of the MC. If you love the first season, then you’ll love this too.
This anime also has a really good battle scene, unlike some “isekai” genere anime, the battle scene was executed so good that moves me. I still remember the minotaur fight scene in the season 1, God that was really a heroic fight.
Also, if you like Greek mythology or Nordic mythology, this anime has BOTH! God, i really love this show.

Art: 9/10
This is purely based on my opinion, everyone has different taste. But, i think this anime has really good art compared to another anime. The art is consistent, i just find it really beautiful, especially about Haruhime.

Sound: 8/10
Good enough, no stupid bgm. The BGM fits with the scene.

Character: 9/10
I really like Belt character. He is a naive person but not dumb. In this arc, he is confronted with a contradicting problem. Should he saves a “slut” which is a symbol of destruction of a hero, or should he leave her alone so that his familia won’t get any trouble because his childish mindset.
He is my favorite character after Emiya Shiro (Heaven’s Feel route). They both SIMILAR!

Enjoyment: 10/10
Honestly i can’t enjoy anime as much as it was. Mostly i only watch 2 animes each season and drop the others. But i really enjoy this one, seriously.

Overall: 9/10
if you like fantasy story, heroic story, good battle scene, just watch this.

Reviewer’s Rating: 9

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