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More Than Married Couple But Not Lovers [Fan Hindi Dubbed]

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Series Info:

  • Name: More Than Married Couple But Not Lovers
  • Season: 1
  • Episodes: 12
  • Gener: Romantic | Comedy | Fantasy
  • Org. run: 2022
  • Running Time: 25 mins
  • Language: Fan Hindi Dubbed


Third-year high school student Jirou Yakuin is in love with his childhood friend and classmate, Shiori Sakurazaka. Thus, he hopes to be paired with her for the “marriage practical”: their school’s practice of randomly selecting boy-girl pairs to live as pretend married couples while monitoring and rating them on how close they have gotten. Meanwhile, the lively Akari Watanabe wants to be assigned to her crush, the popular and good-looking Minami Tenjin.

Much to their dismay, Jirou and Akari find out that not only have they been paired together, but so have Shiori and Minami! Determined to be with their crushes, Jirou and Akari strive to earn as many points as possible, as the top 10 pairs earn the right to switch their partners—so long as both couples agree.

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Episode 01 – [DownLoad/Watch]

Episode 02 – [DownLoad/Watch]

Episode 03 – [DownLoad/Watch]

Episode 04 – [DownLoad/Watch]

Episode 05 – [DownLoad/Watch]

Episode 06 – [DownLoad/Watch]

Episode 07 – [DownLoad/Watch]

Episode 08 – [DownLoad/Watch]

Episode 09 – [DownLoad/Watch]

Episode 10 – [DownLoad/Watch]

Episode 11 – [DownLoad/Watch]

Episode 12 – [DownLoad/Watch]


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